How to write a brochure for a non-profit

What do you want the reader to learn from your brochure. Is it because of the ink color, typeface, headline, paper color or visual design. It works in tandem with your website, email, signage and other outreach — yet the unique power of print lies in physically reaching the hands of your potential customers.

Flash Video Needed and a Simple Brochure Website

In fact, consider sending a newsletter about four weeks prior to a solicitation. Know the purpose of the brochure.

Observe the two rules of insert use: If a client has decided they want lots of cliched images to get a particular point across, it's probably better to scrap them. To most readers, "professional" is just plain boring.

Appeal Letter Tips

For example, most designers use the same 10 to 20 fonts across a lot of the projects they work on. Design for that person, not for yourself. On the other hand, this type of glossy brochure may be necessary for a car dealership or for use at a technology tradeshow.

Great case statements include a mix of both emotionally compelling stories and descriptions of the work you are doing, as well as cold, hard facts that back up your claim to be a positive force in the world.

For example, a high-end glossy brochure on heavy paper may come across as luxurious and unnecessary for a non-profit organization, and could possibly even turn away potential donors. A recent infographic chronicles the importance of public relations services for any new or existing nonprofit. Send a letter with a track record to one portion, the new letter to the other.

A "benefit" is what a product does. The latter, of course, must also seamlessly integrate across several platforms and services. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get help for event planning, social media marketing, media relations, and even crisis control and communications.

We also offer creative brochure design ideas and printing services. June 21, at 6: Good and bad design both get noticed.

Start by thinking about why you need a brochure printed. Get organized — Lead your reader through the information in an organized, logical way. Give news in a newsletter. PR firms also handle all marketing aspects for nonprofits across the board.

Designing (or not) a non-profit brochure

Then add two spaces after every period — it makes it much more readable. This is done via several avenues, which include traditional calls and e-mails. How To Design And Write A Basic Small Business Brochure Ask your employees to write the brochure copy.

Non Profit Templates

Or, better yet, ask some of your better customers to help write it. This article may be reproduced for your non-profit group or organization provided it is not altered in any way and the following is attached.

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How to Write a Great Website RFP With a little guidance, you'll be writing them like a pro If you're in the services or consulting business, you know all about RFPs: Requests for Proposal are how many professional agencies win new work.

Jan 25,  · Create a plan. Throwing a brochure together without a plan can result in type, images, and a layout without a consistent tone.

Your plan needs to include thinking through how you will be using your brochure and who your audience will K. NPA The Accidental Nonprofit – How an Event Turned in to a $M Nonprofit Steve Vick, December 15, December 15,Fundraising, Marketing, NonprofitPodcast, 0 Bobby Gill wanted to have an event to.

Why you should write fundraising letters using overlines that donors can& resist. Master copywriter Alan Sharpe offers practical advice to non-profit groups for boosting the results of your appeal letters. Often the first and most lasting impression of your business comes from a company brochure.

Telling the story of your business in a compelling way, visually as well as literally, the company brochure establishes who you are, how your product or service can be of benefit, and why customers should look to you for help ahead of other competitors – important stuff!

How to write a brochure for a non-profit
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How To Design And Write A Basic Brochure by Tom Egelhoff - Small Town Marketing