A discussion of the environmental impact of tourism on antartica

Nesting birds, even penguins in the dense rookeries, are easily disturbed and will desert their nest. A management plan considering the needs of all interested parties should be developed and implemented in conjunction with the development of monitoring protocols, and strictly adhered to.

Antarctic Inspection Team Report,http: The History of the Australian Antarctic Territory will be discussed highlighting past errors in environmental management and the current trend of educational theme tours retracing the route of past expeditions.

Australian Antarctic Division: Leading Australia’s Antarctic Program

Typically tourists arrive in Antarctica by ships, with tour ships accounting for most of the continental traffic. The numbers of birds breeding around the rocky coastline and the offshore islands are enormous, million or more individuals including four species of penguins, several species of petrels, skua, gulls and terns.

On one paragraph they argue for urgency. This causes a disruption in the orderliness of the colony, fighting and exposing the eggs and chicks to increased predator attack from skuas and other natural enemies Antarctic Birds, It has been a Non-Consultative Party since Instead this argument plays on our side, as technological advancements also occur in fields such as the ice treatment.

What facets of Antarctica are so attractive to tourists that they would spend the still relatively substantial sums needed to secure a place on even the shortest of Antarctic visits. The expedition staff implemented appropriate plans and guidelines at these sites and worked to ensure that passengers avoided restricted and sensitive areas.

The desire for close inspection and photographs by tourists has the potential to disrupt the lifecycle of bird life and is addressed in The Guidelines for Tourist Conduct stating.

Last season, about 46, people visited Antarctica, which was a record, but consider that about 10, of those did not make any shore landings at all because they went on large cruise ships that just "drive by.

We could also mention minerals that are very scarce as rare sands but could be found here. It took six years before the site was decontaminated enough for unrestricted use May, They purposefully understate the side-effects of both activities in Antarctica.

Antarctica Should Be Opened Up For Resource Exploitation

Significant sewage discharges can also carpet the sea floor smothering substrate-dwelling organisms as is seen in the vicinity of the McMurdo Station sewerage outlet.

It is an expensive and inefficient process, the aggregate value of the entire infrastructure needed would turn into a rise of the costs and thus it would be hardly affordable for those people with few resources, the ones mostly affected by the water crisis. A representative of the US Department of State verified in April that an official diplomatic invitation issued by the Netherlands stated plans to hold the annual Antarctic Treaty meeting during the week of 11 September It is assumed China is hoping to mine for resources under the guise of research.

Even today, a Japanese whaling fleet sails to Antarctica every Austral summer to kill up to a thousand great whales. Along with site seeing, these tours offered informative lectures about the environment.

The on site experiences and activities, described as. From these beginnings a thriving tourist industry has developed including theme based educational tourism lead by the Southern Heritage Expedition Group entitled, In The Footsteps of Scott and Shackleton, cited in Oceanus,p.

environmental impact Essay Examples. A Discussion of the Environmental Impact of Tourism on Antartica ( words, 11 pages) IntroductionThis essay discusses the environmental impact of tourism on olivierlile.com subheading Description will give an overview of the continent, highlight the unique landscape, weather patterns and research.

Antarctica Tourism - Human Impacts Threats to the Environment Antarctica doesn't have any "residents" everyone who goes is a visitor for a short time.

Human Involvement and Impact. Tourism.

International Regulation of Tourism in Antarctica&nbspTerm Paper

The first tourists visited Antarctica in Around 10, tourists now visit the continent each Austral summer (December-February), most by ship. 4 - Tourism, with the accompanying pollutants that accompany ships and aircraft, the possibility of oil spills and the effects of lots of people and infrastructure on wildlife and the wider environment.

Social and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in the Lake District In the Lake District tourism is very important and has a significant impact on the local economy.

Antarctica! Antarctica!

But there is concern about the Lake District and how much more development it. Antarctic tourism has grown from fewer than 2, visitors a year in the s to more than 46, in Then the numbers plummeted, bottoming out at fewer than 27, in

A discussion of the environmental impact of tourism on antartica
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